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F1 22 for PC is the twenty-third, and rumoured to be the last, in the franchise of the beloved licenced racing game. Join drivers and cars from all over the world in competing on some of the best loved race tracks in the world. It seems the game will return in some form, but without the official F1 licensing, but at this stage, details are sketchy.

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One of the main new additions in F1 22 is the new F1 Life mode. You step straight into the glamorous world of Formula 1 with F1Life, which is a customisable hub where you can show off your collection of supercars, clothing, and accessories, and any rewards you’ve earned via gameplay.

For the first time ever, cross play is available, so you can play with your buddies on Xbox, PlayStation or PC all at the same time.

The cars alone are well worth investing in this game, thanks to a sweeping new set of regulations which have changed the way the cars look, feel and move. Shorter and narrower than the previous models, these cars also have simplified aerodynamics, wheel hubs, and front-wheel covers. They will be different to drive too, with less downforce on the slower corners but more in faster corners thanks to the new ground effects.

Along with the new Pirelli tyres, players can look forward to new, real-life, tracks from Australia, Spain, Miami and more. In addition, there’s a new ‘Immersive’ mode that will involve long-time players in more aspects of Race Day including managing the safety car procedures, nailing pit stops, and avoiding embarrassments like crashing on the formation lap before the race has even begun!

Perhaps most intriguingly, F1 22 aims to give you a taste of the glamorous F1 driver lifestyle off the track as well as on it. A new F1 Life ‘hub’ area will apparently be completely customisable to your tastes and team affiliation, allowing you to show off clothing, accessories and supercars accumulated as you play.

The Nitty Gritty

Single player is, as always, superb, and F1 22’s Career Mode boasts ‘new features’ with new adaptive AI which are ‘tailored to match the skill level’ of the player for a seamless, challenging but frustration free race.

For the first time in the F1 game’s history, Sprint Races have made an appearance in the F1 mode! This means you’ll be able to compete in Sprint Races in both F2 and F1 in the game. As well as this, lot more customisation is available, especially in career mode and there is also broadcast mode and immersive mode. Being in the driving seat is more than a metaphor with all these customisable features and inclusions

Of course, you’ll be competing in the races in new hybrid cars, alongside new race types, and more competitive line-ups. But there is plenty for everyone, whether they are old hands or newcomers to the game. For instance, F1 22 introduces a new adaptive AI that keeps players of all skill competitive. Enhancements to mechanics, such as My Team, bring fresh changes.

The game supports PC virtual reality headsets, so you can experience the thrill and violent nausea of hurtling around a racetrack at triple-digit cornering speeds. Just try not to be sick on your expensive gaming PC! (Of course, always follow manufacturer guidelines when it comes to using VR headsets: take regular breaks and stop playing if you feel excessively sick or dizzy.)

Budget Right

My Team this year launches with some awesome new features including adaptive budgets. These make the game more accessible or challenging, depending on how you choose to set it up! Of course, these will influence how much money you begin your journey with.

Newcomer: not much money, but lots of hope and goodwill – and few expectations of success so no pressure on your driving skills!

Challenger: think you’re good and want to have a chance to prove yourself. Come on then!

Frontrunner: nothing but the best, all the way. But you’re the red-hot favourite and expected to not only win but to break records and look effortlessly cool while doing it!


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